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2023 Holiday Lights Blade/Bicycle

We had another beautiful and joyous Holiday Lights Bicycle and Blade. The weather was a little iffy but was actually very nice and cooperative with us. This year the bladers did mumble a little about a few bumpy roads. Fortunately, most of the roads were pretty good. Alan Bosco skillfully guided us through the areas of winding roads. Thanks again Alan. All were amazed how wonderfully beautiful a lot of the homes had been decorated. After having a fun-fun time viewing the wonderfully lit homes, 16 of us met at Applebee’s. Applebee’s had us seated at 5 tables lined up. This worked pretty good as that was about the best arrangement, they could have for the restaurant area that was open. The food and drinks were very good as always. Attached is the group picture, a collage of just 4 of the beautifully lighted homes and the long table of our wonderful friends faces at Applebee’s.


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