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2022 Holiday Lights Blade/Bicycle

We had another beautiful and fun filled Holiday Lights Bicycle & Blade. We started off the evening with a group picture (37 people) at the Osceola High North parking lot. Unfortunately almost every one had a shadow on their face from the very high over head lights. Have a fix for that next year. Ken L then did a great and fun filled time leading us along the Holiday Lights red arrow path. Thanks again Ken. As we did this a little later in December than usual we did have a couple areas with cars bumper to bumper for several blocks. Never-the-less we had a great time enjoying all our friends we hadn't seen in a long time. Yes and the homes were beautifully decorated. We did 4.7 miles enjoying the beautifully lit homes with Holiday Lights.
Afterwards we had a very social time at Applebees. We got right in and all seated in the same area. Applebees was a little slow but we all had a fun filled time socializing with our friends.
Looking forward to our 2023 Holiday lights social event. Yes, Ken, we need you to led us again.


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