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2021 Holiday Lights Blade/Bicycle

We had another Beautiful Holiday Lights Bicycle & Blade. This year I think we had more Bicyclers than Bladers. Believe bicycling allows more people to participate. After our group picture of 30 people Ken led us to the Holiday Lights area and through the area a couple of times. As always, the homes were beautifully lit up and wonderful to look at. It’s amazing how gorgeous people can make their homes look. After our pleasurable viewing of the Holiday Lights, 20 of us met at Applebee’s to have a bite to eat and have some more fun. This year we didn’t have Applebee’s move their tables into a long line for us. The regular table arrangement of 4 worked out much better for us to communicate and have fun together. Attached is the Group Picture, a collage of just a few of the beautifully lit homes and our tables at Applebee’s.

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