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Darry's 2013 Holiday Lights Skate & Party

This year the weather was a little cool but very refreshing. It helped get us all into the Holiday Spirit. When arriving at Darry’s one wasn’t sure it was at the right place as there were lots and lots of bicycles. Oh well, things change, as we all get a little older. This year we seemed to have a very large number of people to squeeze together to take a group picture. It was good to see Shannon’s child and Sara’s two children. The more the merrier. After the group picture Darry led us through the beautifully Christmas decorated homes. It’s always joyful to see everyone again and have such a wonderful time cruising the brilliantly lit homes. Hospice was especially generous this year with passing out lots of cookies and hot chocolate. After enjoying the Holiday Decorations we partied and socialized at Darry’s beautiful and spacious home. Thanks Darry and Kelly for another wonderful and entertaining Holiday Lights Skate and memorable evening with all.

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