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to the Fireworks - 2019


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Chuck and Debbie did it again with another wild and wonderful 4th of July Cookout Social and Kayaking to the Fireworks. Rob helped out Chuck with the cooking again and they as always kept an endless supply of delicious food on the tables. As always Chuck had a tasty dark beer on tap and a refrigerator fully of lots of other good drinks. After filling us up Chuck had Mark and helpers read us the Declaration of Independence which took us back to July 4, 1776. This year I think we were running out of time and Chuck had us crowd together where we were on his screened In back porch for the group picture. Don’t believe this worked as good as grouping in his front yard but it was faster. Afterwards almost all finished getting ready and headed off to go Kayaking to watch the Fireworks. Thanks again Chuck and Debbie for a fun filled 4th of July.

Input from Chuck: - Thank you to all who attended.  The weather was good, the sunset was beautiful and the fireworks fantastic. Thanks to all for coming and thanks for the Guide Dog donations.

    - Chuck & Debbie Hietala


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