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Ken's Memorial Day Cookout 2010

Ken didn’t have to do a cannon ball to make a splash for this party as the party made the big splash with somewhere around 90 people attending. Where to sit was the problem of the day. Wearing shorts “was in” as it was hot and you could sit on the pool edge dangling your feet into the cool water. Someone brought a new-blue-long-pole gadget this year that allowed 6 people to simultaneously drink shots of the good stuff. How they kept from spilling booze on everyone is still a mystery. I guess practice makes perfect.

No one was going to starve at this party. Where to put/stack all of the delicious food people brought was the question. There was a wonderful something of everything. The lady that did the grilling did a fantastic job again this year and the grilled food just kept coming.

Mark Z had a birthday and naturally someone brought a birthday cake. Where were the candles? It didn’t matter as the birthday cake was gobbled up almost instantly. Happy Birthday Mark.

Thanks again Ken and all of his helpers for a grand and wonderful Memorial Day Party.

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