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Bruce & Darlene's Christmas Party 2006

Xmas Eve 2006 – We had another wonderful Xmas Eve Party: our 39th consecutive joyous event. Pat Weathers (a Snowshark) and our rollerblading Kyle very graciously helped out. We would have never have made it without them. Thanks girls. Darlene, Pat and Kyle managed to do 17 trays of goodies. Many other people helped out and brought lots of other good things to eat and some nice bottles of wine. We had enough food to feed 200 people. My count indicated we had 111 people pass through our front doors with 48 of them being rollerbladers.

The weather cooperated and the low for the evening was around 67 degrees F. We had a little concern about rain but we forbid it to rain in Kenneth City. Our front and back doors were open all evening. People flowed in and out just as the wine flowed from our 5 wines on tap. It was an event filled night with joys and surprises. Our son Brian, his wife Elaine and their dog Magic who live in Texas suddenly appeared in our living room with that old saying, “Hi mom and dad”. After the shock, it was wonderful to see them and have them for Christmas. Another fun filled Xmas Eve.

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