August 24th 2008

Walmart, Subway

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. Well .... except for those big-ugly clouds in the West with that loud noise coming from them. Thirty eighth Ave look pretty dry on the way but the streets were wet by the time Walmart came into view. It must have rained there around 6:30 AM. By 8:30 AM it looked almost dry enough to skate from Walmart but we decided to be safe and Brunch at Doe Does first. Doe Does had lots of tables open so we got right in and seated. Service was good and pretty quick. The food was good as usual but forgot to ask Rob for his rating. I'd give mine a 9.

After Brunch we decided to skate from Bay Pines Plaza as it was closer. We headed South into the light breeze and stopped on the Seminole Bridge for our group picture. Most people made it to the end of the bridge at Pasadena Ave. Just after we cruised under the Tyrone Mall over pass on the way back we noticed a policeman parked next to a building along the trail. Someone had ripped off the buildings outside air conditioning system. Not nice!!! Roy reported the round trip to Pasadena Ave and back was 11 miles. Deb D, Dennis and Ken joined us after an absence. Welcome back as we needed you today.

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