June 8th 2008

Taylor Park

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We had a mild breeze out of the East. We decided to take the trail North as a big section of it is new and smooth. Somehow the leaders got carried away and did the 7.5 miles to Main Street which gave us a 15 mile skate on a beautiful-sunny (and warm) day. However the skaters were showing the effects on the way back. The bikers were doing great. Oh, did I mention the fact that we had 9 bikers and 7 bladers? Guess the hot summer sun and the fact we are not getting any younger is starting to take its toll on the bladers. Bob F came on his new Italian Red Crotch Rocket to show it to Rob H but Rob H didn't show. Nice Crotch Rocket Bob F. Willi came again. Deb D, Deb B, Stan and Danny came after being absent for a while. Welcome back bladers. Karin K was going to come but got a terrible cold and decided she loved us to much to come and infect us all. Thanks Karin K but you are running out of excuses. A group of us stopped and had a picture taken of us in front of a mural on a building wall in Clearwater. Looks pretty real.

We Brunched at the Savory as planned. Breeze and Laura biked ahead and reserved us a table. Several bladers/bikers got there early before the rest of us and were eating Brunch when the bulk of us got there. The late comers just came in and sat down to a nice glass of ice water and we needed one. Thanks Breeze and Laura. Service was about normal. The food was exceptionally good. Roy shouted out a rating of 10. Heard nothing less than a 9.5.

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