May 18th 2008


Clearwater Beach

Another Beautiful day in Paradise. However, as you can see in all the outside pictures, there were ugly rain clouds in the sky. It rained all around us but we only got a few sprinkles. We changed our route to include the beautiful new sidewalk along the beach. A very nice addition. We didn't get to do the very south end of the sidewalk as it had rained there and the streets/sidewalks were too wet. Andrea missed the group picture but made the Brunch picture. We had two skaters that had never skated with us before; Chris K and Jackie A. Welcome new skaters. Terry B joined us again after an absence. Welcome back Terry. We will miss Gerald who has returned to Maine. Roy indicated the group that didn't go to the new Clearwater bridge did 9.6 miles and Dee the group that did, managed 10.8 miles.

We Brunched at Georgie Boy Restaurant as planned. They had a table all set up for us. They didn't hold back on supplying coffee or water. Someone forgot to check his watch to see how long it all took but it seemed about normal. Rob rated his Brunch a 9. That seemed pretty close.

We talked about our May 25th Floral city skate and outing at Andrea's lake house. More and more people have decided to make the trip. A group is planning to go up Saturday to help Andrea get ready for volleyball and boating on Sunday. We may have to test out her choice of beers also.

Bruce has finally completed a Sunday Bladers DVD that contains all the pictures from Feb 2000 to May 2008, about 4,000 pictures. A copy was given to Roy and Janice to critique. As soon as we get all their comments on the instructions and pictures fixed, a copy will be available for all. A cost of a couple of $ will probably be requested for those desiring a copy.

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