March 23rd 2008

Upper Tampa Bay Trail, Happy Easter

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise (after about 11 AM). Expected to wake up to a sunny day. What a surprise when it was raining. Charles indicated it was clear and dry in Tampa. One look at the black clouds overhead and I knew no one it St. Pete would drive to Tampa no matter what I said. Jeff B called me and we decided Doe Does would be a good place to Brunch but it turned out Doe Does was closed for Easter Sunday.

We Brunched at Mama's Kitchen instead. Mama's didn't have any problem with seating our big crowd of six. Three people ordered the Corned Beef Hash Omelet. It sounded good but wasn't. Rob was nice and rated it an 8. The Spanish Omelet was very good and was rated a 9. We'll give Mama's an 8.5 for today. After Brunch it was still pretty damp on the roads and no one even mentioned going skating. Happy Easter to all !!!

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