March 9th 2008

JB Starkey Wilderness Park Daylight Savings

Another Beautiful day in Paradise (if you were an Eskimo). It was in the low 40's at Starkey Wilderness Park when we started. This was the coldest Sunday so far this year. We did the usual run up to the Suncoast Parkway and back. However today we had twice as many bikers as bladers. Thanks goodness for the bikers. Roy brought bikers Liz, John and Beverly. Welcome bikers. Brian B. arrived almost late but got ready instantly. Looking at the picture you can tell why, he didn't have anything on except a hat, tee shirt, shorts and blades. Oh to be young again.

We Brunched at Christos as planned. Christos was packed but we got seated in about 10 minutes. Service was pretty fast and our coffee cups got filled a couple of times. Our group had a variety of things to eat and the general consensus was an overall rating of 8.5.

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