Feb 17th 2008

Main Street in Dunedin, Art Festival

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. The day started off by seeing our normal parking places filled with Art Show displays. Most of us parked near by but we were rather spread out. Due to the initial confusion and wanting to check out the new Brunch place, we never managed to get everyone in one place at the same time for a group picture. We headed South on the Trail to go by Iris's Restaurant so all would know where to go for Brunch. We had four first time bladers with our group: Andrea, Don, Beverly and Richard. Welcome new bladers. We had several people keep track of the blade distance and it was around 9 miles.

We Brunched at the Iris Family Restaurant. Roy went ahead to the restaurant and got us a big table reserved so we got right in. Our waitress scurried around and keep our water glasses and coffee cups filled. We got in and out within an hour. Ratings on the Brunch ranged from 8's to 9's. We'll give them an 8.5.

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